I Don’t Have to Stay There


“I Don’t Have to Stay There” 

When I voiced this group of words,  “ I don’t have to stay there”, it was evidence of healing and progress.  I am standing up.  I am standing tall. I am standing strong. 

Until very recently, I lived often in a world of the self- image created at some point in my life.  That image was so different than the image others described me to have.  I saw myself as a female who had made too many mistakes and life decisions to ever realize the dreams buried deep in my heart. 

That self image of “I am my mistakes” comes with depression, little motivation, and stalled living.  It never feels good.  It never serves me well.  It keeps me from living what I know to be true:  I am not my mistakes.  I am worthy, competent, sane and loveable.  And, I am what I believe myself to be!  I am in charge of my thoughts, my actions, and making my dreams come true-any time, anywhere, and with anyone.  

And, when I start to realize I’m back in my old image, I can remind myself that, “I don’t have to stay there”…I can live in my new image.

How freeing!  Are you living your dreams?  Your authentic life?  Does your inner and outer image match?  If so, I’m looking for friends and clients, just like you!

Call me, write me.  I’d love to have a conversation with you.  




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