Self Confidence-One Step at a Time


Self Confidence-One Step at a Time 

I am encouraged to know that self -confidence is created.  It isn’t something we are born with; it is something we build one step at a time. 

If you are like me, my self- confidence can quickly crumble.  The good news is that I can build it back up faster now that I have tools to build with.  One of my favorite tools to build the confidence I need to survive is setting an intention and completing it.  It can be as simple as setting a goal to call a friend, make a contact for my business, or sitting still for five minutes.  It doesn’t matter what it is, it matters that I complete it and recognize just how good it feels to complete a goal I set for myself. 

This tool works.  To use this tool to build self-confidence, remember the key word is “self”.  The intention must come from us…the goal done by us, and the acceptance that we completed our goal, by us. 

Today, my goal is to write and deliver a thank you note to an incredible teacher who works with students in our Culinary Department at the High School.

What goal can you choose to build a piece of your self -confidence?  I’d love to hear what you choose and the success you felt. 

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3 thoughts on “Self Confidence-One Step at a Time

  1. Thank you, Holly for the great tool to boost self-confidence. My intention is to paint my living room tomorrow. My furniture for that room is coming next week and I’d like the walls to be painted before the furniture arrives. I’m looking forward to putting on music and enjoy the physical activity of painting…love it!

    • How fun..what color are you painting your livingroom? Knowing you, and knowing you have self confidence, I would bet that the process of picking out a color is fun and not frustrating!

      I would love to see a picture of your newly painted livingroom…hope you are having fun changing the color.

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