Day Twelve: The Twelve Days of Christmas for the Mentally Strong


Day Twelve: Celebrate every little step along the way. Mentally strong people are “in it for the long haul”. They know better than to expect immediate results; they understand that genuine change takes time.  I would bet they don’t wait to celebrate.  They recognize and appreciate the benchmarks of success along the way.

The holidays give each of us pause to reflect on our highest values.  We identify what is most important to us and clarify purpose and desires for a better tomorrow. New awareness about something we want for ourselves can be quick, dramatic, and long lasting.  We can decide on a new way to eat, to exercise, to save money, to take a vacation of a lifetime, or to spend time with the people really important to us.  Regardless, each new goal has many tiny steps to bring about the final prize. 

The challenge I would offer to all of us today, is to break down into tiny, achievable parts, any goal we want for ourselves.  Another challenge is to think about how we will celebrate each piece. 

I would love to hear what it is you are willing to claim for yourself, the breakdown of each step along the way, and how you will celebrate along the way.  Sharing our goals and plans to achieve them can be a powerful way to jump start the changes we want to take and practice the tenets of the mentally strong.   



One thought on “Day Twelve: The Twelve Days of Christmas for the Mentally Strong

  1. Chris Lehsten

    I celebrate by spending time with my loved ones every chance I get, to be reaffirmed in my pride and admiration of the distances they have travelled in the challenges of our lives……..

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