Dreams Come True: Tip Number Two


Dreams Come True

Five Tips I learned from attending the 100th Rose Bowl Celebration

Tip Number Two: Envision the Dream

MSU Coach, Mark Dantonio, envisioned his dream of taking the Spartans to the Rose Bowl.  Last spring, he took several staff members to visit the Rose Bowl stadium.  He took a cell phone video of the field and captured words of encouragement so his team could see the stadium, see their presence there, and see them win the title of National Champions 2014.  His dream became their dream, and together they planned a path to success.

On a personal note,  I’ve watched the Rose Bowl parade every opportunity I could grasp, for as long as I can remember it being televised.  My children would probably attest that it was a tradition for me to have my coffee and get up early on New Year’s Day to be a part of the most creative expression I could imagine at the time.  I saw myself on the parade route, and five years ago, my husband and I ventured to LA to get even a peek at the floats and celebration. I had no idea if we could really get close enough or find a place along the parade route. And, we did!  That day, I re-vowed we would return to Pasadena when the Spartans won their way to play at the Rose Bowl Tournament of Roses.  And, we did!

I would love to join you in holding a space for your dreams yet to be realized.  As a life coach, my clients and I co-create dreams that might seem impossible to reach.  Mark Antonio reached one of his dreams, and you can, too!

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5 thoughts on “Dreams Come True: Tip Number Two

    • And, dream bigger than you think possible! Catherine Ponder writes, dream, pray, or wish “this or something greater, and the highest and best for all” That always helps me feel good about the desire and the request. And, it helps me understand that I can’t possibly know the impact on others when I realize my dreams and share the process. And, how wonderful for me to know that my first born is one of those impacted! I love you, Chris.

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