Dreams Come True: Tip Number Three


Dreams Come True:  Tip Number Three

Tip One:      Create the Dream
Tip Two:      Envision the Dream
Tip Three:   Prioritze and Practice Patience

Tip Number Three:  Prioritize the dream and be patient .

While waiting for a dream to realize, keep it alive with patience and priorities.   Admittedly, during the 49 years I’ve waited for my chance to get to the Rose Bowl, there were times I grew discouraged.  The Spartans went in 1988; there were other priorities that needed attention.  We were fulfilling a more important dream-to be financially secure.  With a four year old, and with two older children working jobs to have what they needed, I knew the timing wasn’t right.  I needed to be patient and trust that I would have another chance.

Likewise, MSU teams and fans waited 26 years for a coach to come in with passion and patience to take time needed to build a winning team. Coach Dantonio waited 7 years for his Spartans to make it all the way to Pasadena.  I’m sure there were times of hope and times of disappointment.  He stayed true to his dream, and he stuck to his priorities.  His definition of a winning team would include players who were unified, strong, and respectful to a high standard of conduct.  Imagine his determination when he needed to remove his key defensive player for misconduct just days before the “big game”.   His strong and unified team came together. The last winning play of the game was made by the defensive player who stepped into the position for the Senior player removed for testing the definition of a winning team.  The Spartans were patient, they stuck to their priorities, and they earned the title of Rose Bowl Champs at the 100th Tournament of Roses.  What a great example for all of us!

As always, I would love for you to share with me privately at hollyhcrump@gmail.com or publicly by leaving a reply below.  It encourages all of us when we can share times when priorities and patience have resulted in realized dreams.  We can all be winners on a Dream Team!


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