Dreams Come True: Tip Number Four


Dreams Come True:  Tip Number Four

Tip Number Four: Take Calculated Risks-Redefine Ready

When the dream seems ready to claim, be courageous and ready to live it. Even if it doesn’t seem “possible or practical”, or the right time, honor the opportunity. Look at it closely. I believe successful people take calculated risks. I think it’s smart to look inside to see if any challenges are real or just familiar fear. Maybe it’s like switching lanes in LA traffic-take a quick peek, and if the coast is clear, accelerate! Redefine ready and go for it. Hesitation can cause a huge traffic jam and regret.

On the Saturday Spartans championed over the Ohio State team, I knew my dream had surfaced. So many questions popped into my thinking. I had no idea how my husband and I would get tickets, or if they would be affordable, where we would stay, would $45 be too much to pay for a parking ticket, would a shuttle really be available. The answers came one step at a time; and, the next steps became apparent and doable. They led us to our seats where we watched the Spartans win the Rose Bowl title! The rest is history—we went, we loved it, and it is now a treasured memory.

What dream is waiting for you to claim? How will you know it’s the right time? Will you be courageous enough to look at the calculated risks and redefine ready?

As always, I’d love to hear about your dreams and encourage you to take action when you know it’s right. Email me privately: hollyhcrump@gmail.com, or leave a reply for all to learn from and share.


2 thoughts on “Dreams Come True: Tip Number Four

  1. We took a huge leap of faith when we sold our house and moved to Southern California two months ago to be near our grown kids and granddaughters. Every step was an unknown from affordability to change in climate and each step provided a new challenge. We moved from the desert after 40 years and are now living 3 miles from the beach! Who knew?

  2. You were focused, determined and look at you! You can walk on the beach, enjoy a friendly political world and you get to hug your babies more often. Win Win for you–a bit of selfish sadness on my part because I won’t sit with you and plan our lives…Skype will just have to do!

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