Dreams Come True: Tip Number Five


Dreams Come True:  Tip Number Five

Tip Number Five: Celebrate

This last tip is a reminder for me. I have a tendency to claim a dream and forget to celebrate or to share my “dream come true story” with others. Why? Probably because I was raised with the “be humble, never brag” advice given to protect me. It wasn’t ladylike to boast, be outspoken or even ask for what I wanted. In my family, we waited to be offered our secret desires. We made wishes and dreams and hoped someone else would make them come true.

Now, I know that dreams come true with the help of others. I’ve learned to both ask and accept help. I’m grateful to all those who encourage and support me along the way. Others have joined me in claiming this most recent dream of attending the Rose Bowl game and being a part of the Spartan fan team. To celebrate and share the excitement with others sweetens the success and expands the joy.

Thank you to all who have left replies and have sent private emails. Thank you to all who will share as their dreams come true!

hollyhcrump@gmail.com or as always, leave a reply here at the blog.


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